Large variation of accessories


Select from large collection or we are can make custom cargo net


Select helicopter model or we cen make custom lines or sling


Our custom made contruction nets are stronger and safe

From the beginning of our operation, GEM was a manufacturing company, using distributors to move the products. We still use distributors for some products, but also have some in-house and direct manufacturer accounts. The emphasis on working closely with client companies has allowed GEM to assist companies in developing products that have a wide distribution potential.Helicopter and aircraft accessories, such as various types of covers, cargo nets and lanyards, have proven popular with firms across Canada, the US, and the rest of the world.

GEM also manufactures sewn products for the forest industries, such as cruiser and surveyor vests, various tree planting harnesses and pouches, tarps and bags. We manufacture over 2,000 cotton or nylon vests annually. Each of these vests will have at least 12 pockets and a large quantity of reflective tape, for high visibility. The vests are manufactured from high-quality materials and components.Cargo lifting nets are among the most popular of the products we manufacture. These nets are made from netting, rope, or webbing, and are made in various lifting configurations and lifting capacity. The nets are manufactured on-site